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Maintaining a healthy Magento 2 e-commerce platform is possible with the help of Magento 2 Support and Magento Maintenance Services. Common features of these services include bug fixes, security upgrades, new features, improved performance, and assistance from trained technicians. The goal is a reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure that can evolve with the company.

What’s included:

Safcodes, a Magento Maintenance Service in Dubai, offers Support and Maintenance Services to prevent vulnerabilities like this from compromising your site.

  • Applying newly released security patches
  • Improving a website’s performance
  • Log monitoring and incident resolution
  • Adjustments are done at the request of the customer
  • help businesses in reaching their goals through consulting services
  • Conducting an SEO Audit and Making Repairs
  • Implementing the most recent Magento 2 upgrade as soon as possible
Our Magento assistance is all-encompassing, covering:

The most crucial component in growing your business online has a professional eCommerce website.

Maintenance tasks to Magento:

With our Magento Maintenance Services in Dubai, UAE, you can be assured that your site will always be up-to-date, secure, and running at peak efficiency. We are ready to assist you with any Magento customization needs.

Magento Upgrade:

We ensure that your Magento online store is always functioning at its best. We promise you will always have a positive interaction with our site.

Efficiently Using Magento:

We ensure that your Magento online store is always functioning at its best. We promise you will always have a positive interaction with our site.

Developing Magento Extensions:

Plug-ins for recommending products and sharing them can immediately increase your revenue. Both are available as premium Magento add-ons.

Magento Scalable Enterprise Development:

You may be confident that your e-commerce site will do well in search engine rankings. Thanks to Magento’s support for integration with enterprise software systems.

Extensions that work with Magento:

Do you utilize any supplementary programmes? We will set up the connection to the payment processor of your choice and your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) programmes.

Magento SEO Services:

Magento SEO services enhance the visibility of online stores built with Magento in search engine results pages (SERPs). On-page optimization, off-site SEO, technical SEO, and content SEO are all examples of what these services can offer.

With SEO for Magento, you may expect to be able to:

  • Acquire additional unpaid viewers for a website
  • Raising Brand Recognition
  • Boost sales and inbound interest
  • Raise revenue

An SEO review of your Magento store will cover the following areas: If your website’s search engine rankings have dived due to technical troubles, Magento’s SEO Service can help.

Technical Search Engine Optimisation for Magento:
Methods for SEO Toolkit Setup:

The SEO Toolkit is a comprehensive software suite that can handle any SEO job. Once set up, it can perform as well as an SEO professional 80% of the time. Magento’s SEO solution includes fine-tuning this extension for your specific online store.

Search Engine Optimization Through an Analysis of Backlinks:

To improve and broaden your backlink profile, our Magento SEO specialists will analyze your current link strategy. Your company’s goals will determine the specific guidelines you’ll follow when building links.

Insight and advice:

You’ll get a full report after the audit is finished. Point out what needs fixing to increase organic traffic to your site. The goal is to raise it higher in relevant search results on Google.

Safcodes is the go-to company for Magento SEO in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Your website can be better optimized for search engines with the help of our SEO assessment team. We aim to give our customers the most convenient and noticeable service possible.

What We Achieved?

We delivered more than 500 projects across 20 countries.

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SEO services are essential for many reasons:

If you optimize your site for search engines, more people will be able to find it. Boosts its position in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can increase the volume of targeted, organic visitors.

Better search engine optimization (SEO) can make your website more user-friendly, improving the user experience. It improves both the content’s quality and its usefulness.

Better search engine rankings are one way to boost trust in your website. It’s a great way to gain potential clients’ trust.

A strong online presence can be a significant competitive advantage as more businesses relocate online. Using SEO services could give you a leg up on the competition.

Results from SEO efforts stay much longer than those from traditional forms of marketing. It can potentially bring visitors to your site long into the future. If you’re looking for Magento Maintenance and to boost traffic to your website, our Magento Maintenance and SEO Services in Dubai is a great place to start. We boost your credibility, offer you a leg up on the competition, and deliver sustainable results.


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Business success requires customer satisfaction. We keep our customers happy. Check out our clients’ web and mobile app development reviews.


Derk Guttenstain

We are pleased to use Safcodes for mobile app development. Throughout the app’s development process, I was assisted by this company’s excellent team of pros.

Ahmed Al Falasi

Creating an app was difficult because I am a novice in the business sector. The experts at Safcodes were able to assist me in developing a functional and user-friendly app for my company at that time.

Loubna Daleel

Safcodes were important in the development of our multichannel online store. The Safcodes crew is young, smart, and quick to react. They place a premium on putting the needs of their customers first, which is consistent with our philosophy.

David Luis

Safcodes’ enthusiasm for e-commerce and cutting-edge software was plain to observe. After talking to them, the problems that had been bothering us for years suddenly seemed simple. We went ahead with it, and we haven’t regretted it since.

Ronak Pattni

Safcodes were important in the creation of our online shop, which we were able to finish successfully. Our needs were complex and ever-changing, yet the team collaborated superbly to execute on schedule. Thanks to their Magento know-how, we were able to add advanced functionality to the site.

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